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    So your looking for a music service, a service that will fit Your needs? Technology has presented more music oppurtunites than ever: but technology does not offer personal, custom service, Splash Radio does. Stand back from the cookie cutter music services and step towards a one-on-one creative and custom music service..

    Every day Splash Radio is creating custom music mixes that set our clients apart and create a everlasting impression on their guests. But the real satisfaction comes from our personal service, real music from major label artists and the best features at the best price. No one client is identical and Splash Radio's complete custom music service tells their story and sets off their perfect Vibe... SERVICES

    What's Happening!

    We love to brag about our new clients! Check out some of our current business relationships that we have been blessed to create!
    February, 2015

    January, 2015

    December, 2014

    Working, Working, Working.... Let us catch our breath and I will get sometime to post our most recent projects in 2015. Hope this year is starting off right for you. Let us know how we may be of service to you this year!

    November, 2014

    Ice Rinks of Cali. It's that time of year again! Bring on the Ice Rinks! Splash Radio is stoked to be apart of Willy Betake Production's yearly Ice Rinks across Southern California. Every year we get to create the perfect playlist that our DJ's get to spin for Ice Rink goers to get their ice freak on... Our DJ's help create a safe enviorment for the skaters by directing them when the session begins and ends, where to sit and relax and share some great Winter fun with helpful sponsorships. Plus this year one of the Rinks was used for the First Kiss episode in NCIS-Los Angeles and our music playing in the background."First Kiss" AWESOME!!!!

    July, 2014

    Let's get our Shopping On! Outlet Shoppes Of The Bluegrassbring a cool, vibrant and stylish place for shoppers of Kentucky. Splash Radio has created a music blend that brings life to this huge outdoor mall. When you walk down the breezway on a beautiful Summer day and end of dancing into your favorite stores, we know we have done our job. Relax in the food court where you can walk up to a beautiful flatscreen Monitor and request your favorite song while you eat and take a break. Splash Radio loves when its time to open a new Outlet Mall, we get to create Summer Shopping Fun!

    June, 2014

    Sahara Centeris located in the Summerlin area and is home to some of the best shopping in West Las Vegas. Splash Radio is happy to be apart of this beatiful concept that has turned into a work of art for a shopping center. We have created a mix of music to help guide the shoppers into the the mood that creates the best shopping day. Plus with our technology Sahara is able to automatically turn down the music volume after a certain time of day and them off when they close to help please the surrounding homes.

    March, 2014

    Dicover Better Living! Bob MillsFurniture welcomes a new location in Odessa Texas. Now Odessa has a chance to Discover Better Living, and Better Music for your shopping pleasure. No pushy sales people, no pushy, wild music. Just the perfect shopping environment thanks to the hands on personal touch of Splash Radio. We are honored to be apart of the Bob Mills Family Growth!

    February, 2014

    Dicover Better Living! Bob Mills Waco. Bob Mills Furniture welcomes a new location in Waco Texas. Now Waco has a chance to Discover Better Living, and Better Music for your shopping pleasure. No pushy sales people, no pushy, wild music. Just the perfect shopping environment thanks to the hands on personal touch of Splash Radio.

    January, 2014

    Las Vegas has a new trend destniation within Tivoli Village. The Market LV. The Market LV is a new retail destination featuring unique boutiques, specialty foods, wine bar & restaurant, gourmet market and much more all under one roof. The atmosphere is much like something you would find in New York or San Francisco. The vibe is modern industrial with a very open lofty feel and Splash Radio is indulged to create the Music Vibe that tells the story!

    December, 2013

    Helping to re-create a store brand, one of our specialties! Food World has re-created thier look and feel and services and Splash Radio is humbled to be a part of the change. We are providing them a great playlist of fresh music to project the vibe of the area and the customers who call them thier shopping headquarters.

    November, 2013

    The PIG has upscaled and created Piggly Wiggly Radio Piggly Wiggly. Splash Radio is honored to be allowed to create Piggly Wiggly Radio for an American Grocery Store Icon. Today Piggly Wiggly Radio shares great music along with friendly DJ's sharing the savings and services. The Perfect blend for the perfect American Grocery Store!

    October, 2013

    Our long time client Reasors has enjoyed the benefits of their Splash Radio service and the blessings of great customers. They have expanded and have added 3 more locations. All of us here at Splash Radio are blessed to be apart of that growth and are excited about the journey. Let the good music keep on rolling, oh, and help keep feeding your family a little more delightful!!

    September, 2013

    Here at Splash Radio we have enjoyed putting together a great mix of music for Just Grillin along with DJ's to support their marketing efforts. Heather told us they tried everything from Radio to Pandora for business but they just could not get the right mix of music, even after tons of effort, not to mention personal DJ's to help support their marketing strategies. Thanks Just Grillin for choosing Splash Radio to fix what couldn't be done.

    August, 2013

    If your in the Vegas area, you must stop by Echo and Rig Steak House and Butcher Shop inside Tivoli Village. Enjoy the difference that can only be found at Las Vegas's new Urban style eatery. And thank you for choosing Splash Radio to create your own custom playlist that you will only hear at Echo and Rig. Great Food, Great Atmosphere, that's Echo and Rig at Tivoli Village.

    July, 2013

    Thanks Farmers Market Food Express for allowing Splash Radio to provide your store with a great variety of friendly upbeat music to keep your vibe alive.

    June, 2013

    Splash Radio would like to welcome the Outlet Shoppes At Atlanta. Now you have a great place to go for the brands you love, brands you can't find anywhere else. Thank you for letting Splash Radio provide the Outlet with your very own Mall Radio. Plus your visitors can enjoy the music they love with your Outlet Mall Jukebox.

    May, 2013

    It's summertime and that means WaterParks once again. Splash Radio enjoyed the privalege of creating a custom music mix for Fun Mountain Water Park and Jolly Roger Amusement Parks. The power is in their hands with our technology, Fun Mountain enjoyed putting together Fun Mountain's own playlist for certain park events like country dance hour and Youth Group Night. Splash Radio automated their custom playlist and DJ's for each event so the park managers could focus on the most important things. Let Splash Radio amaze you at what we can do for your Water and/or Amusement Park Music.

    Febuary, 2013

    You don't have to look forward to the insanely and awkward silents when your in the doctor waiting room. Now you can enjoy a great upbeat and fun custom mix of music at OSPTA. Plus the DJ's will keep you informed without the pauses for commercial breaks.

    January, 2013

    Thank you Western Sizzlin's Wood Grill Family Buffet of Orlando for letting us here at Splash Radio provide you with great family friendly music to set your vibe. I know you appreciate the savings with our low service fees and quality technology that is very low maintenance.

    December, 2012

    Splash Radio would like to welcome 2 more Gigi's Cupcake Franchises to the world of Cupcakes and the Gigis Custom Radio Network. Now they have access to great custom music and Gigi's DJ's. Just another powerful marketing tool.

    November, 2012

    It's the Holiday Season and what better way to spend the day than on the ice. An Ice Rink is coming to town, let's go have some fun. Splash Radio has been honored to design and create Custom Ice Rink music channels for California's Willy Bietak Productions. Each rink has complete custom music along with DJ's opening and closing the Rink sessions and sharing important and fun information. Now the rink managers can focus on thier job and and still have the perfect music mix. Plus with Splash Radio's no long term agreements, Willy Bietake Prodcutions only pay for the months they need our service.

    July, 2012

    It's the outdoor shopping headquarters of El Paso Texas. Splash Radio would like to welcome The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso. Looking for fresh air and the right styles, The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso has what you need to satisfy the craving. And of course Jam to the styles of El Paso with Today's Hits infused with a Latin Vibe.

    June, 2012

    Looking for a weekend activtiy the whole family can enjoy! Check out your local rock climbing adventure like LRCC. Little Rock Climbing Center is your destination for good, healthy Family fun including great Music! Splash Radio has created a custom music channel for all the great climbers of Little Rock. Feel the rush you get when you make it to the Top with your favorite Jams keeping you inspired all the way!

    April, 2012

    Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, that means Water and Amusement Parks are a go! Splash Radio has created a well crafted custom music mix along with Hip DJ's for the 2nd year in row to create Jolly Roger Park another attractive element to a successful year of Fun!

    Feb, 2012

    Walking into your favorite Sports and Burger joint highlights the day. Creating a great music mix and interaction is vital to keeping that lunch hour rolling! Hear a great mix of classic Rock and Pop at The EndZone in Woodward, OK!

    Jan, 2012

    Real and Organic is the New In!! And Uptown Grocery is in the lead with their new store in Edmond, OK! As you walk in feel the upscale city vibe, look around and find fresh, delectable, Real items! Take a listen and hear a custom mix of great music from Jazz artist Mindi Abair, Singer-songerwriter Amy Winehouse and even great Pop from Train. The handpicked DJ's will share all the happenings thru-out Uptown during your shopping extravaganza!

    Sept, 2011

    Remember the Cupcakes your mom use to make? Today Cupcakes are still cool, but oh so much more COOL! Have you seen these things? Go into a Gigi's Cupcakes and enter a whole new world of Cupcakes! Did I mention Cupcakes? While you stare and think about what cupcake you're in the mood for, enjoy great tunes from Hit artists you know and love with Gigi herself and bouncy fun DJ's sharing all the cupcake gossip!

    Oct. 2011

    Helping our neighbors is a must in civilization and Goodwill is a great place to start! Just by bring in household items you don't use can help people with struggles get jobs and live a normal life. At Fred's Goodwill, come in for some great useful items at really great prices. And leave with a great song in your head from their handpicked playlist of today's and yesterdays great Adult Pop Artists.

    June, 2011

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but D**m, this Tivoli Village is beautiful! But expect nothing less in Las Vegas and when you shop at Tivoli experience a European adventure with shops from around the world and a custom music mix full of delightful Jazz, Pop and Euro Dance!

    July, 2011

    BRING IT ON! The first ever Outlet Mall in OKC! The Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City has brought OKC the shopping girls dream! Browse the stores outside under the sun and music! Experience a music driven shopping day from Hit Artists and their remixes, setting the tone for a day of Fashion!

    March, 2010

    How often do you stand in line at the bank and DANCE? At Oklahoma Employee's Credit Union you will as you jam to your favorite hits. If you're putting money in or taking it out, it feels good to move your body while you bank. Splash Radio has created a great custom mix to keep OECU banking alive!

    May, 2009

    Shopping for groceries does not have to be without great music to push the cart too. At Homeland, cruze the isle with toe tapping, fun music and information about the weekly savings. Splash Radio has created Homeland radio to keep you booging down your shopping list and to make sure you are updated on great savings and helpful services.

    Feb, 2009

    Shopping for less just got more upbeat! Splash Radio has created the Buy For Less Radio network. Grab your grocery list and head to the store for a world of savings and music that will keep your legs moving down the isles. Listen and hear the BFL DJ's tell you about the weekly specials you don't want to miss, catch up on the World news and know what your weekly forcast looks like all before you are done picking up this weeks dinner line-up!

  • Splash Radio Services

    Custom In-Store Radio

    One of the biggest ways to enhance your stores Brand, uplift the Atmosphere and encourage sales and information is custom in store radio. Target and reach customers who have a 100% known interest in your products and services when they are in your store and are ready to buy! Splash Radio will work with you to design a great music mix and include professional Dj's to create an ongoing custom In-Store Radio, just for your company!

    only $39.95

    Find out more about music for your

    Clothing StoreRetail Store MallShopping Center

    Music Network for Franchises

    Whether you are the Franchisor or Franchisee, you are creating an everlasting Brand with a few or many locations. With Splash Radio your franchisee locations can have a multi-music channel network throughout all locations. This gives both franchisor and Franchisee control of the music for each location! The Great News... the franchise Brand keeps a consistence image with professional Dj's and promotions. Contact Splash Radio and let us create you a Franchise Radio Network like we did for Gigi's Cupcakes


    Custom Music for Hotel and Spas

    Don't miss the ingagement you can have with your guests! You spend much of your resources on a better visitor experience, don't forget the sound of your brand. Music can make your hotel different and memorable. What’s playing in your lobby, eating and drinking areas, outdoor settings and common areas says a lot about your brand, your guests, and the kind of experience you want people to have when they stay with you. Find out more


    Special Events Music Creation

    Is the Fair back in town yet? Hey, isn't that Art show this month? Whatever the special event is, Splash Radio can design that perfect music mix that will help promote, share information and entertain your crowds. Plus with our affordable set up fees, no limit contracts and our plug and play media player any size event can have a music promotion Powerhouse! Contact Splash Radio and see how we can design and deliver your custom event radio station!

    Music for Restaurants

    You have a favorite right? And it's not always the food that makes a favorite restaurant. The food, the smells and of course the atmosphere all determine if you make it a regular destination. Let Splash Radio create your restaurant a custom music playlist that will set the right tone and create a lasting impression on your guests.

    only $39.95

    Find more about custom music for yourFine dining restaurantsFast Casual restaurants Coffee shopsBars and Lounges

    Commercial Free Music Channels

    Oh yeah, if we cool Jo's at Splash Radio can design custom music channels we thought we should create pre-programmed music channels for those that want an even more affordable and efficient option. Our 30+ music channels are programmed for business and are edited for explicit language. Our channels were created by our clients, who gave us input on what they wanted and because of that our channels never stale. Contact Splash Radio for more info on our affordable Commercial Free Music Channels for any size business.

    just $25.95

    Music and Messaging for Phone on Hold

    Don't keep your callers on hold for long, and when you do make sure they have something to listen too. Let Splash Radio create an opportunity to provide a Phone On Hold production that will keep your callers on hold longer and Happier, plus use this time to share important information with them! With Splash Radio your On-Hold music will stand out!


    Along with the array of great music programming, Splash Radio also offers great Radio Commerical Production. From 30 second spots to 60 seconds to any size, Splash Radio spends more time and produces a better production piece than you get from Radio. Our voice over professionals include men, women, and even childern within our local network and we have access to hundreds of professionals accross the country for that extra special project that requires that unique sound. Contact Splash Radio to see what we can do for your audio project.




    When you sign up for a custom music channel from Splash Radio you have the ability to have messaging between the music, (which we call them DJ's). You have heard it before, 70% of shoppers have made a buying decision after to hearing an in-store message, so now you can turn your custom in-store music into a marketing power house. Your set up includes 12 initial messages by your choice of 2 DJ's and then we offer message packs at a great price to keep your messaging updated for specials promotions and/or weekend events. We have access to many voiceover talents (DJ's) to offer you the right choice of male or female talent to fit your brand. Message packages start at



    Turn your custom music channel into a High Class Virtual Request Jukebox. Your customers can now interact, request music and see what's playing, but you still have total control! Use the side panel Ad banner to push information and promotions. Ask about it!


    Mobile App

    They say 40% or more of consumer's use their Smartphone's to surf, engage and interact with the web. Now you can keep your customers informed 24/7 with live push notification, live banner ads, live text promotions, track analytics and of course they can listen to your custom channel anytime, anywhere!
  • We have access to hundreds of great Talent for your message and production needs. Here are some of our local, very professional DJ's that we rely on everyday.

    Dan R

    In radio since the beginning, ok, maybe not that long. Dan R has been in small market to large market back to small market radio where he feels at home. With his low tone and smooth delivery, Dan R can give your project a professional side.

    Eleanor K

    Originally from New Jersey, Eleanor holds an MA in Acting from East15 Acting School in London, England and a BA in Theatre Arts from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. Currently living with her husband and cat and working as an actress in Chicago, theatre credits include work in London, England and all over the United States, as well as voiceovers with Microsoft, Hasbro, MSC Cruises and Graderesults.com.

    Vanessa V

    The voice that just sounds awesome for just about any project. You never get tired of listening to Van! Just deep enough with a perfect sharpness, this Oklahoma Girl from the Country sounds like the big city boss!!

    Dav S

    Dav has over 25 years of experience as a vocal talent appearing in everything from Radio to Television shows. His credits include ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN to name a few. Currently, Dav is used as a vocal talent for the Big 12, PRCA, CBR, and several shows for The Outdoor Channel.

    Audrey F

    Audrey Fiorini grew up in France in the beautiful region of the Loire Valley, where she studied acting and music. After earning her Piano Diploma, she moved to Paris to pursue her passion for acting and completed studies at the renowned National Academy of Drama while taking singing classes at the famous “Studio des Varietés.” Her career has spanned song writing, Broadway- type musical shows, many plays, and movies including a memorable experience with world-famous director Jean-Luc Godard. She also had the opportunity to host a show on TV Channel 2 (France) after winning a national talent show against 3000 other contestants. During a trip to Los Angeles she met her husband and settled there. Audrey is now continuing her acting career in different projects including movies, commercials and in the voice-over industry, while enjoying the best and most challenging role of her life: mother of 2 adorable little boys .... .

    Brian A

    The owner of Splash Radio, Brian has been in Music and Radio sense High School. Graduating with a degree in Radio arts and communications, he has set out to change the way we think about in-store music and marketing. With his upbeat young style voice, Brian can voice out and serve you up an audio delight!

    JoJo J

    A professional voice over talent with more than seventeen years experience, JoJo Jensen has recorded every type of project from short, snappy television commercials to YouTube marketing videos, long form documentary narrations to on hold messages thanking you for your call. Being in sales and marketing for years before ever standing in front of a microphone, JoJo runs her voice over career with a sincere dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

    Ken R

    Ken has traveled a remarkable, if somewhat dubious road, wandering through three years of a Broadcast Communications Degree at Central Washington University and a checkered history in radio before entering the U.S. Army in 1983 as a broadcast journalist. Discharged for the final time in the 21st century, Ken began life again as a radio gypsy, with an employment history taking him from northern New York, the west coast of Washington, a stint in the Navajo Nation, the west coast of Mexico and as that voice in commercials, industrial and training videos nationwide.

    Tim L

    In addition to his work with Splash Radio, Tim Lasseter serves as the voice for Yancey Bros. Co., the nation’s oldest Caterpillar dealer, and provides voice over services to several other CAT dealers in the Southeast. In addition, he has voiced a national spot for Caterpillar which appeared on ESPN2 outdoor programming, as well as, trade shows across the US. In addition to his textured voice, which clients in the heavy equipment and hunting & fishing industries have found effective, Tim also has a broad range of character voices for more light-hearted advertisements. Tim also has trained with some of the best in voice over business, including Pat Fraley, Bob Bergen, Ed Asner, Brad Garrett, Vanessa Marshall, Nancy Cartwright, M.J. Lallo and Mary Lynn Wissner.

    Back to Services


  • Who is Splash Radio

    Owner and let's say CEO.

    Not really a suit and tie guy, but with a degree in broadcasting and business management, Brian Alexander took on the Fun and Challenge of creating in-store music magic.

    Officially called the Financial Control Officer!

    Britt keeps Splash Radio's bills paid and makes sure our awesome clients stay in good standing!

    Infrastructure Detail!

    The master of Dance Recital music mixes on the side for his wife's studio, Hans takes care of the Splash Radio broadcasting Infrastructure. From the servers to the fiber, He knows internet traffic and keeps Splash Radio online.

    More than just a DJ!

    Vanessa is talented in all directions. You can hear her on some of our great clients custom music channels, but she also programs many of our custom and general music channels.

    Sales are the Forte!

    Big Bobby brings Splash Radio to the masses, he is head of sales, if it's on the road or around the town, Bobby loves to help his clients get the most from their in-store marketing and music.

    Want More

    It all start when Brian Alexander was asked to come up with a creative and different approach to the music and marketing within a chain of carwashes.

    Splash Radio president Brian Alexander grew up with music in his blood, he just chose not to make music, but mix music. Through high school Brian and best friend made ends meet by mobile DJing, making mixed tapes, you know the 80's and 90's cool stuff!! Then upon graduating with a degree in Radio Arts and business management, Brian set out to be heard over the airways.

    Within the company during the next decade, Y2K, Brian was hit up about creating a music mix and marketing campaign for in-store use, something different, less expensive, but really cool. So, Splash Radio was Born!


  • Studio Location

    Splash Radio

    Yukon, OK 73099
    Telephone: +1 405 494 4429

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  • Music for Restaurants

    How is your restaurant different?

    Is it the signature entrees? The locally sourced ingredients? The servers and the ambiance? You put a lot of time and thought into the many elements that make up your restaurant. Consider that music can make your restaurant different, memorable and enjoyable. What’s playing in your restaurant says a lot about your brand, your guests, your employees, and the kind of experience your customers will have.

    Your restaurant is not like the others, so why play the same ordinary music from satellite, or other internet mass produced mixes that everyone is hearing.

    Splash Radio is different because we custom mix your music, down to the very song, we can add DJ's and Image elements for the perfect branding and send it directly into your restaurant without the hassle of satellite dishes or major installs.


    Some restaurants, maybe yourself, like to play their own music, from their iPod, iTunes, iPad, CD’s or Pandora. It’s a lot more work, with songs that don’t fit, are different volumes or are inappropriate, and it’s not always legal – you’re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees. Many DIYers haven’t found that just-right mix until they switch to Splash Radio for the perfect mix of artists and songs they pick including the music library from Splash Radio.


    Some restaurants try to skip the music and just play the TV. Sports, news, and entertainment programs may seem like a good idea at first until reality sets in. What channel is on? What about all the loud commercials, including commercials for competing restaurants? It's just a bunch of loud noise! Even the sports bar, what’s special about hearing TV in a restaurant? Nothing! Turn on the caption and Turn Up Splash Radio!


    Our music services are individual and diverse so we can provide exactly the right kind of service for a variety of restaurant concepts. City Bites, Santa Fe Cattle, Gigi’s Cupcakes, Boomerang grill, Café Leon of Vegas are all examples using our fully custom music and our commercial free list of music channels.


    For restaurants with multiple or single locations, franchise chains, we offer “built for you” custom channels with music and messaging designed specifically for your restaurant brand. You can pick some or all of the music and most importantly with our line up of DJ's and Image Element production Splash Radio will create a complete line of Branding Channels at a very affordable cost.

    Check out our Splash Radio Samples


  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Splash Radio is 100% service oriented! You talk with a real human! 100% customized! 100% American! Everything is tailored to your business, including music, messaging, and the DJ’s. What this means for you is that Splash Radio offers you exactly what you want. Not sure what you really want? Let our professionals help guide you.


    Splash Radio uses the best of both worlds with our Media Player!

    First our Media Player is all you need at your location hooked to your sound system.

    Second, it's no maintenance quality will save you power, using just 6 watts, no more major installations or antennas to fix or adjust.

    Third, the player has a built in failover incase you lose internet for an amount of time, it will automatically switch as neccesary to keep your music playing.

    And Last, with our media player comes a lifetime warranty as long as you have our service. That means if anything goes wrong with the player, a replacement will be shipped overnight to you.


    The Splash Radio equipment package is $250 and includes the receiver and cabling. Our media player and internet connection is all you need to recieve a custom music channel.


    Of course! Connecting the receiver to your sound system is simple. However, the cat 5 cable must be plugged into your working internet connection. If you don’t feel comfortable with this we can install it for you at an additional cost starting at around $150 in many areas of the country.


    Our format only takes ups 24kps of your internet bandwidth, our service will never hog your important bandwidth.


    Our basic format is FM Stereo quality, better sound than XM/Sirius. HD sound is available!


    Splash Radio monthly service takes care of the payments to royalties like ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, the organizations that represent the music copyright holders. It also includes regular changes to music programming, tech support for our broadcast equipment and all taxes and fees.


    The Copyright Law of the United States, states that the owner or operator of the establishment where the music is being played is responsible for obtaining the required authorization. The compensation you provide to a performer such as a FM radio, or a band does not relieve you of this obligation. When you purchase a record, tape, compact disc, DVD or similar product you are granted the authorization for a non-public performance, such as in your home or car. There is no public performance right attached to the sale of these products and if you decide to play this music in your establishment you are required to obtain authorization from the copyright owner or their representative. Splash Radio does this for you with our service.


    No. You can put all of your locations under one account and receive one bill.

    Have more questions? Feel free to Call or Email Us!


  • Music Service for Retail Stores

    Your store is different, right?

    Is it the unusual variety of products? The top level service? Don't forget, the Music can make your store different and memorable as well. What’s playing in your retail store says a lot about your brand, your employees, the customers who visit, and the kind of experience you want your guests to have.

    I know you know that no two businesses are exactly alike, so why play the same ordinary music that everyone plays, they already hear it in thier cars, offices, or other stores? Like your brand, make it stand out and give them your sound!

    Splash Radio is different because we custom mix your music, down to the very song, we can add DJ's and Image elements for the perfect branding and send it directly into your store without the hassle of satellite dishes or major installs.


    Think about the image your store projects and the products you sell? Why don’t people simply go to a bargain store or the convenience store to buy the stuff? Because that’s ordinary!. Same with music. Be distinctive! Be bold! Don’t settle! Music sets the tone, vibe, and atmosphere for you to showcase the clothes, gadgets, and products people love. Plus– you’re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees.

    Keep in mind your employees, don't drive them crazy with the same songs over and over, a happy employee equals a happy customer!


    People bounce from store to store when shopping. With so many brands in your category and so many different categories of retail stores, you need a memorable, distinctive music mix that sets you apart. Fashion is key in retailing and Splash Radio can help you sound fashionable – whatever you market!


    If you have a single, multiple locations or franchise chains, we offer “built for you” custom channels with music and messaging designed specifically for your retail brand. You can pick some or all of the music and most importantly with our line up of DJ's and Image Element production, Splash Radio will create a complete line of Branding Channels at a very affordable cost.

    Check out our Splash Radio Samples


  • Splash Radio Media Player

    Small, reliable, No moving parts!

    The Splash Radio Media Player is all you need to get great custom music through your current sound system. With the built in RCA outs and 3.5mm headphone jack our player will connect to just about every sound and/or telephone system on the market.

    Using less than 6 watts of power with no moving parts, our media player will save you energy, installation fees and maintenance costs.


    * Backlit LCD with 32 characters showing status and metadata information Configuration and IR remote control.

    * Back Up Music Failover if Ethernet goes down

    * 10/100 Mbit/s ethernet connection.

    * Size is just 4"X 1"

    * Plug and Play Device, no major setup required


    Audio Interfaces:                                                                                                                                                        Network Interface:

    Stereo RCA, 3.5 mm Headphone Jack                                                                                                                   RJ45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet (Auto), TCP/IP, UDP

    both 4 Vpp max (8 Vpp in bridge output mode)                                                                                                     DHCP, SNMP, AutoIP, SonicIP, IPzator

    bass and treble adjustable by browser

    Control Interfaces:                                                                                                                                                     Power requirements:

    IR Remote control                                                                                                                                                       9 to 30 VDC / 12 to 24 VAC, 6 Watt max.

    2 x 16 char LCD (backlit)                                                                                                                                            power supply included (250 g)

    Case:                                                                                                                                                                              Operating temperature / humidity:

    Aluminium, 250 g                                                                                                                                                         0 - 40 °Celsius / 32 - 104 Deg. Fahrenheit

    108 mm x 38 mm x 78.7 mm                                                                                                                                     0 - 70% relative humidity, noncondensing

    (4.25" x 1.5" x 3.1")

    Certifications:                                                                                                                                                               User Interface:

    FCC B, CE B                                                                                                                                                                  LCD, IR Remote control

    RoHS compliant (lead free)


  • Music Service for Hotels

    Your Hotel or Spa stands out, yes?

    Is it the beds? Is it the staffs attitude or lobby atmosphere? Yes, Music can make your hotel different and memorable. What’s playing in your lobby, eating and drinking areas, outdoor settings, common areas and even each of your rooms says a lot about your brand, your guests, and the kind of experience you want people to have when they stay with you.

    I know you know that no two hotels and spas are exactly alike, so why play the same ordinary music that everyone plays, they already hear it in thier cars, offices, or other stores? Like your brand, make it stand out and give them your sound!

    Splash Radio is different because we custom mix your music, down to the very song, we can add DJ's and Image elements for the perfect branding and send it directly into your hotel, even each room can have multi-custom music channels without the hassle of satellite dishes or major installs.


    You’re in the hospitality business. You go out-of-your-way to create an enjoyable, memorable experience for your guests. The right sound playing throughout your property can help you achieve maximum satisfaction. Music makes a great first impression and lasting impression. Don’t discount the power of music to add the special ingredients you’re striving to deliver – charm, excitement, relaxation, even the hip factor with our optional interaction Virtual Jukebox. Remember, Music can put the finishing touch on it with guests and employees alike!


    Let Splash Radio create you a multi-channel room music network with your Hotel. Another great option to bring alive the atomsphere of your brand. Each room can have an inexpensive internet based media player and 2 speakers giving your vistiors access to 5 or more custom music channels, either commercial free or add DJ messaging, news and entertainment updates along with Image elements to create your own branded in-hotel radio network.


    For hotels with multiple or single locations, franchise chains, we offer “built for you” custom channels with music and messaging designed specifically for your brand. You can pick some or all of the music and most importantly with our line up of DJ's and Image Element production, Splash Radio will create a complete line of Branding Channels at a very affordable cost.

    Check out our Splash Radio Samples


  • Music Service for Franchises

    How do you keep your Brand apart?

    From the ground up you built your system, the Brand, even the service and quailty. You work hard to keep that system and Branding consistience throughout your franchise locations. Why stop with the music? In todays marketplace, music plays a huge roll in how your customers feel and interact. It's sets the tone, mood and feeling, they relate the music they hear to your brand!

    It use to be difficult, expensive and almost impossible keeping a rounded music image throughout your entire network of locations, not to mention finding a music source that will keep each of your franchisee locations happy, but also being able to create a brand using DJ's and Image elements.

    Splash Radio is different, we have created a customized franchise music network giving all your locations custom mixed music channels, down to the very songs, we can add DJ's and Image elements for the perfect branding and send it directly into each of your franchisee locations.


    You go out-of-your-way to create an enjoyable, memorable experience for your guests. The right sound and marketing message playing throughout your entire network of franchisees can help you achieve maximum satisfaction. But each owner or geographical location can determine what style of music should be played. With the Splash Radio franchise network you are able to create various music channels tailored just for your brand and marketing target at the same time giving each owner the ability to choose what music format they wish to play.


    Music makes a great first impression and lasting impression, now you can stay in control and also give your franchise owners the freedom to choose. In the past you had to either tie each franchise owner to a certain music mix or put the music choices in their hands and hope for the best. Don’t discount the power of music and message marketing to add the special ingredients you’re striving to deliver – retire the general FM radio and generic satellite radio. Remember, now you can create your own custom franchise radio network!

    Check out our Splash Radio Samples

    Or Contact Us Today for your questions answered!


  • Splash Radio's Virtual Online Jukebox


    Now you and your customers can interact with your custom music channel via 2 ways. First, a walk up elegant flat touch screen monitor inside your location.

    Splash Radio can create your company a custom walk up jukebox that your customers can request music from a pre-defined list, meaning you know what songs in your library can be requested, keep the music within your stores taste, no surprises.

    The Virtual Jukebox gives you a great opportunity, not only to interact with your customers and give them some control, but share upcoming events or specials using the custom ad banner included with your jukebox.

    The Jukebox layout and the ad banner is completely customized to your existing brand and the Ad banner can be customized in size and placement and rotate information and pictures.

    The great thing about the "virtual" jukebox is that everything is hosted on the server; no special expensive equipment is needed at your location to maintain, just a flat touch screen monitor with internet access.



    Today more and more of your customers are using their smart phones to access information; why not let them access your jukebox as well. It can be an added feature to your custom walk up jukebox or a standalone feature instead. With a simple url address your customers can access and interact with your jukebox with their smart phones while they are visiting your establishment. And yes, you have control, you can limit the amount of requests that can be made and pre-define the music list they can choose from. Call or email us today and start interacting with your customers!